Unit 7 lớp 11: Project trang 29 sách Tiếng Anh 11 mới

Unit 7 lớp 11: Further Education SGK trang 29 sách mới

1. Your English class is going to hold a discussion on the topic “Should we take a gar year after secondary school graduation?” Work in groups to prepare your presentation Discuss reasons for taking a gap year and reasons for immediately entering collegi or university. (Lớp tiếng Anh của em sẽ tổ chức một buổi thảo luận về chủ đề “Chúng tôi có nên nghi ngơi một năm sau khi tốt nghiệp trung học?” Làm bài tập theo nhóm để chuẩn bị bài trình bày. Thảo luận lý do vì sao nên nghỉ và lý do vì sao nên vào học cao đẳng hay đại học ngay sau khi tốt nghiệp.)

1. Do you afford a gap year?

– Think of a detailed plan and you will see if you can afford or not. How much mone you will need depends on where you are going and how long for. You need to pay foJ travel, accommodation, food and fun, of course. But you can make money by helping others. Get a job by looking online. There are manv jobs for students, including bar work, waiting, cleaning, shop assitant…

2. Why should we take a gap year after graduation from secondary school?

A gap year can be a good idea if you feel you are not mature enough to cope witk university. The reasons for it are:

– A gap year can teach you the independence and maturity needed to make the most of university life.

– You can prepare yourself for university life. By doing volunteer jobs for the community where you are staying, you will be learning and developing your OVT skills in the process. Helping others increases your social and relationship skills.

Other reasons:

– Spending a year in another country will bring adventures, stories and memories ufl last a lifetime. You can experience a different culture, learn a new language, make new friends…

– You will have something to talk about. You will have first-hand opinions to share about people, places, and ideas that your friends might have never heard of.

3. Why should we enter college or university right after high school graduation?

When you are fresh out of school, you are used to daily routines. If you take a year Oil after graduation, you will be lazy, not wanting to wake up early to go to classes; you will lack and loose your motivation in learning.

2. Present your group’s opinions to the class. (Trình bày ý kiến của nhóm mình trước lóp.)