Unit 6 lớp 11: Writing trang 13 sách Tiếng Anh mới

Unit 6 lớp 11: Global Warming – Writing SGK trang 13 sách mới

1. Which are the causes and which are the effects of global warming. Complete the diagram with the ideas below. (Các nguyên nhân và hậu quả của hiện tượng nóng lên toàn cầu là gì. Hoàn thành sơ đồ bằng các ý nêu bên dưới.)

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2. Work in pairs. Discuss and complete the outline using the ideas from 1. Brainstem some possible solutions. (Làm bài tập theo cặp. Thảo luận và lập dàn bài dựa trên các tương ở bài tập 1. Suy nghĩ tìm một số giải pháp thích hợp.)

1. Introduction (Introduce the topic and the main content of the essay)

– one of the biggest issues facing humans nowadays

– caused mainly by humans

– most catastrophic effects on humans

– humans have to take actions to reduce the risks

– the essay will discuss the causes and effects, and possible solutions

2. What global warming is and its causes (Hiện tượng nóng lên toàn cầu là gì, nguyên nhân cua hiện tượng này)

– the rise in the average temperature of the earth due to the increase of greenhous gases in the atmosphere

– causes:

carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels

deforestation for farmland, wood and paper

increasing use of chemical fertilizers on croplands

3. Effects of global warming (Ảnh hưởng của hiện tượng nóng lên toàn cầu)

– heat-related illnesses and death, and spread of infectious diseases

– melting of polar ice caps and rising of sea level

– extreme weather patterns such as severe storms, heat waves, floods and droughts

– widespread extinction of species

4. Some possible solutions (Một số giải pháp có thể)

– reducing energy use

– planting trees or plants

– using green methods of transport

5. Conclusion (Summarise the main points and state your opinion)

Kết luận (Tóm tắt các ý chính và nêu ý kiến cá nhân)

3. Now write your essay (between 160-180 words) using the helpful expressions in the box, the outline and your notes in 2. (Hãy viết một bài luận dài từ 160-180 từ, sử dụng các cách diễn đạt ở hộp bên dưới, dàn bài và phần ghi chép ở bài tập 2.)

One of the biggest problems facing humans nowadays is global warming. The Earth is heating up: warmer temperatures are causing changes in climate around the world. Human demand for natural resources has increased rapidly, especially in developing countries. Human activities have led to the pollution of the environment, threatening living conditions for millions of species, including people themselves. If we do not take actions to reduce the risks now, the impacts of global warming on us will become more and more severe. The essay will discuss the problem of global wanning, its causes and effects and suggest some solutions for it.

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the earth due to the increase of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and others in the atmosphere. People pollute the environment by burning fossil fuels; cutting down trees for farmland, wood and paper; increasing the use of chemical fertilizers on croplands… Human activities have serious consequences on the life on Earth. We have so far witnessed more severe storms, heat waves, droughts, floods and hight tides. Under extreme weather conditions, people have to suffer heat-related illnesses and infectious diseases.

Global wanning is seriously affecting our life on Earth in many ways, so everyone of us should do something to reduce it. Begin at home by reducing energy use: unplug all electronic devices when they are not use, avoid lighting at day time, use solar energy instead; saving clean water; planting trees or growing our own foods. Walking and biking to work are green methods of transport, also they are lun and good for health.

In conclusion, global warming is throating human beings and millions of spccies Earth. The Earth is the common home for all of us and because of this great attenti should be paid to environmental problems. Taking small but effective actions such reducing energy use, saving natural resources, planting trees or using green means L transportation can make the Earth a better place to live.