Unit 4 lớp 12: Writing trang 53 sách Tiếng Anh 12 mới

Unit 4 lớp 12: The mass media – Writing

1. Work in pairs. Discuss the difference between a graph and a chart; and how to describe a pie chart. (Làm việc theo cặp. Thảo luận về sự khác biệt giữa một đồ thị và biểu đồ và làm thế nào để mô tả biểu đồ hình tròn.)

Charts and graphs represent a series of data but they are different from each other. Graphs are mainly used to represent variation in values over a period of time. Charts are used to give information about the frequency of different quantities in a single pictorial representation.

To describe a pie chart we should specify the information (content) and proportion of each segment, which can be measured in percentages (%) or fractions (e.g. one-third, a quarter).

2. The pie chart below illustrates the forms of communication used by students in Intel Secondary School. Complete the description with the words in the box. (Biểu đồ hình tròn dưới đây minh họa các hình thức truyền thông được sử dụng bởi các sinh viên trong trường Trung học Intel. Hoàn thành các mô tả với các từ trong hộp.)

1. preferences 2. recorded 3. majority
4. tied in 5. dominant 6. the least

3. Study the pie chart and write a paragraph of 130-160 words to describe it. (Nghiên cứu các biểu đồ hình tròn và viết một đoạn 130-160 từ để mô tả nó.)

The pie chart shows students’ preferred online resources recorded in a survey carried out at Intel Secondary School Library in 2014. Following is a brief description of the students’preferences.

We can see that a majority of students played interactive games, which rank the first at 30%. Fiction e-books line in the second at 20%, and are at 10% less than interactive games. Online magazines rank the third at 18% while non-fiction e-books account for 15%. Online dictionaries are the fifth library resource at 11%. Only a minority of students, or 6%, used science journals, which is the least popular of all resources, and used fivefold less than the most preferred resource, interactive games.

To conclude, the dominant form of online resources used by the students at Intel Secondary School Library is interactive games. Of all the other resources – fiction e-books, online magazines, non-fiction e-books, online dictionaries and science journals – students used science journals the least.