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Unit 10 lớp 12: Writing trang 65 sách Tiếng Anh 12 mới

Unit 10 lớp 12: Lifelong learning – Writing

1. Work in groups. Ask and answer the following question. (Làm việc nhóm. Hỏi và trả lời câu hỏi sau đây.)

What do you think are barriers to lifelong learning (things that prevent people from lifelong learning ?

2. Below is a bar chart describing the results of a recent survey of approximately 500 employees about barriers to lifelong learning. Complete the sentences describing the five barriers, using the information in the chart and the useful expressions in the box. (Dưới đây một biểu đồ cột mô tả các kết quả của một cuộc khảo sát gần đây của khoảng 500 nhân viên về những rào cản đối với việc học tập suốt đời. Hoàn thành các câu miêu tả năm rào cản, sử dụng thông tin trong biểu đồ và các biểu hiện hữu ích trong hộp.)

1. showed/shows, picked 2. the second rated 3. interviewed/asked
4. accounted for 5. A minority/A very small number

3. Use the sentences in 2 to write a description of 150-180 words about barriers to lifelong learning based on the information from the bar chart. (Sử dụng các câu trong 2 để viết mô tả trong 150-180 từ về các rào cản để suốt đời học tập dựa trên thông tin từ biểu đồ cột.)

The bar chart shows the results of a survey of approximately 500 employees about barriers to lifelong learning. The survey found that there are five barriers that prevent people from participating in lifelong learning. However, these barriers are not equally important.

Lack of finances is rated by most of the survey participants as the most important factor. More than three quarters (77%) of those who responded to the survey reported that it was their main problem. The second important factor is the lack of time. This was identified as a barrier by 66% of the research participants (almost two-thirds).

Two more factors were picked by about one-fifth of the participants. These were the unawareness of the importance of lifelong learning (22%) and the irrelevance of the subjects available (20%). A small minority of participants reported a lack of interest in learning (10%).

In conclusion, the top two factors that prevent employees from participating in lifelong learning are lack of finances and lack of time. It is clear that priority must be given to them when encouraging employees to pursue further education.