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Unit 10 lớp 11: Writing trang 65 sách Tiếng Anh 11 mới

Unit 10 lớp 11: Writing – SGK trang 65 sách mới

1. Read a story posted on Medicine, a website about fitness. Complete the story, using the correct form of the words in the box. (Đọc một câu chuyện đăng trên trang Y Học, một trang web về sức khỏe. Hoàn thành câu chuyện, dùng dạng đúng của những từ cho trong khung.)

1. appetite 2. supported 3. weight
4. fainted 5. dieting 6. overweight

2. Read the story again and answer the questions. (Đọc lại câu chuyện và trả lời câu hỏi.)

1. Because as a child he used to eat a lot of fast food.

2. After he received hundreds of rejections and couldn’t get a job.

3. Eating nothing was his first kind of diet. He was unsuccessful and was taken to hospital.

4. For over a year, he had to follow a special diet and joined a fitness class for overweight people.

3. Use the information below to write a similar story. (Dùng thông tin bên dưới để viết ra một câu chuyện tương tự.)

I am Kim Lee. I am now 17 years old. When I was at the age of 15 I started getting acne.

My face looked terrible and I always felt depressed and insecure about appearance. Then I came to see one of my best friends, who always gave me good advice and asked her for advice. She told me that I should wash my face several times a day and try different anti­acne products, squeeze pimples often. But this way doesn’t help a lot. The result of that was 60% of my face was covered with acne.

I found a website advertising an effective way to remove acne, and they advised me to see Dr Kangnam. Dr Kangnam gave me a detailed plan to remove acne on my face. First, he advised me to wash my face only twice a day because washing face too often may cause skin irritation. Second, I have to take prescription medicine. Third, I had to follow a healthy diet. Dr Kangnam also advised me not to stay up late. After six months acne clears up. And now I feel very happy and confident.