Unit 10 lớp 11: Looking back trang 68 sách Tiếng Anh 11 mới

Unit 10 lớp 11: Looking back


1. Listen and mark (/) (fall-rise intonation) in the following conversation. (Nghe và đánh dấu (/) (ngữ điệu xuống-lên) trong đoạn hội thoại sau.)

Bài nghe:

Doctor: Please sit down. How can I help you?

Patient: I can’t sleep well at night.

Doctor: What time do ou have dinner?

Patient: Let me think … / about 9 or 10. /I usually finish work at 8.

Doctor: Eating late at night could be the cause. / Your body doesn’t have a chance to digest all the food. It’s hard to sleep on a full stomach.

Patient: What should I do?

Doctor: I suggest having a snack at about 5 p.m and a light dinner such as a bowl of cereal after 8. Would that work for you?

Patient: OK, I’ll give it a try … / Thanks a lot.

2. Listen again. Then practise the conversation with a partcner. Try not to use the appropriate fall-rise intonation. (Nghe lại rồi sau đó thực hành đoạn hội thoại với bạn bên cạnh, cố gắng dùng đúng ngữ điệu xuống-lên.)

Bài nghe:


1. Complete the sentences with the corrcct form of the words or phrases in the box. ()

1. boost 2. life expectancy 3. immune system 4. remedies
5. nutritious 6. dietary 7. are attributed to 8. prescription


1. Report each statement. Make all necessary changes. (Tường thuật lại từng lời nói, thay đổi thì nếu cần thiết.)

1. The teacher told Tuan and Phong not to talk in class.

2. The doctor said to Mr White that if he eats / ate lots of tatty food, he will / would increase his chances of developing heart disease.

3. Nam’s yoga instructor asked im to close his eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, and not to think about his problems.

4. The patient admitted not following his doctor’s advice.

5. Ha’s friend suggested playing some games to relax because they had studied for three hours.

6. Van’s manager said that he / she would get a promotion if he / she could finish the project before the deadline.

7. Jack’s mother said that he should drink some ginger tea if he wants / wanted to feel better.

2. Read the conversation. Imagine that Nga talks to a friend the next day, telling him / her what her father had said. Write down her father’s advice in the space provided, using reported speech (Đọc đoạn hội thoại, tưởng tượng rằng Nga nói chuyện với một người bạn vào ngày hôm sau đang kể cho người bạn đó nghe về điều bố cô ấy đã nói. Hãy viết ra lời khuyên của bố Nga vào chồ trổng cho sẵn dùng câu tường thuật.)

1. My farter said that if ỉ want to be stress-free, I need to balance studv and leisure.

2. He told (advised) me to draw up a revision timetable with time for other activities.

3. Me said that if I worked too hard, I wouldn’t feel hungry.

4. He told (asked / advised) me not to study continously for long hours, but to take a five- minute break every hour.

5. Then he advised (told / asked) me to do some workout or take a walk in the park before mealtime.

6. Finally, he said that if I need more help, I can just ask him.