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Reading & Vocabulary Development 1-facts & Figures PDF

Reading & Vocabulary Development 1: Facts & Figures is a best­ selling beginning reading skills text designed for students of English as a second or foreign language who have a basic vocab­ulary in English of about 300 words. This text teaches about 500 more words. It also teaches the reading skills of comprehension, finding the main idea, and using the context to understand vo­ cabulary items.

Facts & Figures is one in a series of reading skills texts. The complete series has been designed to meet the needs of students from the beginning to the high intermediate levels and includes the following:

  • Reading & Vocabulary Development 1: Facts & Figures
  • Reading & Vocabulary Development 2: Thoughts & Notions
  • Reading & Vocabulary Development 3: Cause & Effect
  • Reading & Vocabulary Development 4: Concepts & Comments

In addition to the student text, an answer key and video tran­script, VHS, DVD, audio cassette, and audio CD are also avail­able for Facts & Figures. Facts & Figures uses the following methodology:

• Theme-based approach to reading. Each of the seven units has a theme such as animals, plants, explorations, or occupations.

• Systematic presentation and recycling of vocabulary. One of the primary tasks of beginning students is developing a useful and personally relevant vocabulary base. In Facts & Figures, up to twelve words are introduced in each lesson.

These words appear in boldface type. Those underlined are illustrated or glossed in the margin. All of the new vocabulary items are used several times in the lesson, and then are systematically recycled through­ out the text.

• Focus on grammatical structure. The first two units use only the present tense, and the sentences are short. The past tense is introduced in Unit 3 and the present continuous in Unit 5. The Facts & Figures only other tenses used are the past continuous .and the future with will and going to. Subject, object, possessive, and reflexive pronouns are used. Facts & Figures also presents such connectors as and, but, so, then, because, or, and when. By using these, the text can include longer sentences that are still easy for the students to read.

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