Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 1 First Friends 1 cả năm

Tài liệu giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 1 cả năm theo phân phối chương trình First Friends 1.


WEEK 1                                  

Date of teaching:

 UNIT 1: ME                                   LESSON 1 (Period 1)


Aim and objective:

– Help Ss to identify the characters.

– Help Ss to get acquainted with English environment.


Adam, Baz, Jig, Pat, Tess.

III. Materials:

– CD track 1-2, flashcards 1-5, cut out of Baz (from AB p.77).


Time Teacher’s activities Students’ activities























































I. Warm up:

– Introduce the course characters.

– Ask the students to look at the pictures in the book on page 4 or 5 and answer the question in Vietnamese:

+ How old are the children?

– Give the names of the characters.

+ Adam: 2 years old

+ Baz: 4 years old

+ Tess: 7 years old

– What’s their relationship?

– T guesses the answer: They are brothers and sisters.

II. New words:

– T introduces the names of the characters.

– Holding the flashcards up and read the names.

– Play the CD and get Ss to repeat after the CD.

* Names: Tess, Baz, Jig, Pat, Adam.

III. Practice:

– Play the CD again, pause after each names.

– Have Ss to repeat in chorus and in individually.

– Call some Ss to say before the class.

* Check the understanding:

– T holds up the flashcards and asks Ss to read in chorus.

– Stick the characters on the board and get Ss to play the game “slap the board”.

* Further practice:

– Do the exercise in Activities Book.

– Guide Ss to do exercise.

+ Match and say:

– T makes model.

– Stick the cut out of Baz from the back of the book on one end of the board and the flashcards of Baz on the other.

– Move the finger on the straight line from the cut out on the left to the flashcards on the right.

– Tell the children to copy the action and move their fingers from left to right in the air.

* play the game.

– Make the shape of a rabbit with their fingers. (T- WC).

IV. Consolidation:

– Tell the students to remember the name of the characters.

V. Home work:

– Do the exercise in the AB at page 4 and 5.



– Ss look at the pictures and answer the questions.




– Speak in Vietnamese.

– Listen to the teacher carefully.

– Repeat the after the teacher.








– Look, listen and repeat.




– Listen to the CD, point and say.





– Listen and repeat.



– Some Ss to say the names in individually before the class.

– Read in chorus.

– Play the game in groups.






– Open the book.

– Listen to the teacher.


– Listen to the guides.

– Do the activities.




– Ss copy the action of the teacher.

– Work in WC.



– Trace the lines with the pencil.



– Do as the teacher does.






– Take notes.


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