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Practice Makes Perfect – English Conversation

Offering a winning formula for getting a handle on speaking English right away, Practice Makes Perfect: English
Conversation offers:

  • Engaging dialogues illustrate practical conversational situations
  • Example phrases or sentences clarify each point
  • A variety of exercises for practice, with an answer key that provides instant feedback and reference
  • Practical and high-frequency vocabulary used throughout

This book teaches you common phrases and idioms through sample conversations, detailed explanations, and practice exercises for common situations like:

  • introducing yourself and other people
  • expressing opinions, likes, and dislikes
  • expressing wants and needs
  • narrating a story or retelling a conversation

You can also listen to audio recordings of the conversations on their website or via their free Android and iPhone apps.

The excerpt below offers an example of the difficulty level. It is suitable for B2/C1 students, but may be a little too difficult for A2/B1 students.

(If possible, readers should buy original copies at bookstores nationwide to support the author.)

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