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Advancing Your Phrasal Verbs (Book 1)

Advancing Your Phrasal Verbs Book 1 is a vocabulary resource book for teachers of teenage and adult learners at upper-intermediate and lower-advanced levels. It consists of 15 units, each presenting and practicing 10 phrasal verbs grouped according to topic. Topics covered in Book 1 are, beginnings and ends, body parts, clothes, crime, eating and drinking, education, health, houses, money, relationships, speaking, sport, telephones, weather and work.

Grouping phrasal verbs by topic allows you, the teacher, to fit work on phrasal verbs easily into a wider scheme of study and course syllabus. It also aids students with learning as vocabulary is more effectively memorized when it is topic linked.

(If possible, readers should buy original copies at bookstores nationwide to support the author.)

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